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I was recommended to have Acupuncture five years ago to help with my IVF treatment and a friend introduced me to Ariane. I was a little apprehensive at first but Ariane’s calming and professional manner soon put me at ease and I found the treatments very relaxing. With Ariane’s help I had a successful IVF pregnancy. I continue to visit Ariane regularly for acupuncture to help my general well being and I highly recommend Ariane to everyone.

Jen Nixon – 14th September 2012



After my miscarriage of twins I was having alot of problems, the main issue being a pain in my left pelvic area and irregular bleeding (around every 7-10 days). Ariane was recommended by a friend so I came along to see what Accupuncture was all about, whilst I waited to be referred to the hospital. I came for treatment several times a month after feeling an improvement by my 2nd session. The hospital diagnosed Endometriosis, however wanted to operate to confirm, but as I was getting results with Acupuncture I declined and decided to continue seeing Ariane for help. With time the pain eased and my periods returned to normal, along with a feeling of contentment and energy I hadn’t previously known. The sessions are very relaxing and after each visit I felt completely calm and rejuvenated. Then the best part of finding Ariane came to pass, I was pregnant again! And with a final visit all went well with my pregnancy, Ariane even helped with the morning sickness. I went on to have a wonderful little girl on the 21st may 2012 weighing 8lb 2. She is a very happy contented baby and I put my pregnancy, going to term and her disposition all down to Acupuncture. I would not hesitate to return for treatments in the future and can’t recommend Ariane enough, she is a caring wonderful practitioner.

Rebecca Pridmore



In January 2012 I was diagnosed with Polymyalgia Rheumatica and by February I had developed Giant Cell Arteritis. The only course available to the medical profession to deal with these auto-immune diseases is to prescribe high doses of steroids to control the inflammation. It is a long slow process to get off steroids and I was informed that I would be on this medication for 2 to 3 years and possibly for life. The dangerous side effects of Prednisolone are grossly underestimated and I was horrified at the damage that they cause: high blood pressure, diabetes, osteoporosis, chest pains, excessive weight gain, dizziness to name but a few. Unfortunately I suffered from them all and tests showed that I was dangerously close to developing diabetes and osteoporosis. Ariane has skilfully and successfully addressed the discomfort and pains as they have arisen, adapting the treatments as necessary. Her professional and knowledgeable approach has proved invaluable. She has not only relieved the side effects of the medication but has also helped to reduce the inflammation enabling me to reduce the Prednisolone dose far more rapidly than is usually possible. Regular blood tests at my GP Surgery have allowed us to monitor the effects of the acupuncture treatments and have confirmed that the inflammation has substantially reduced. An unexpected bonus has been the improvement in some deep rooted problems. After suffering from Vertigo and Tinnitus continuously for 7 years there has been a marked improvement since my acupuncture treatment began. The Vertigo has almost gone and the Tinnitus has reduced by approximately 50%. I have experienced first hand the benefits of an holistic approach to my health problems rather than the orthodox approach of issuing drugs that merely mask the symptoms without searching for the underlying cause. I can thoroughly recommend Ariane and would be happy to speak to anyone who may wish to discuss this further.

Muriel Witt

I first enquired into Acupuncture after a failed IVF Fertility treatment. I had read a magazine article that said acupuncture was very beneficial in getting the mum-to-be ready for the stress and the drugs, and had a good success rate in leading to a viable pregnancy. I admit I had reached a stage where nothing seemed to be working for me and I was open and willing to try anything that was recommended, despite my fear of needles. I started my treatment in May 2010 and I found Ariane very open and honest about the treatment. Any questions I had regarding “why are you sticking the needle in there?” or “so what is it that should happen now?” she thoroughly explained. By the end of the first session I had a feeling of wellbeing and positivity which I had been severely lacking previous to my appointment. Not only did Ariane treat me for fertility she also, on one occasion, treated a back spasm which had come on two days prior to my appointment which had me struggling to walk. By the end of that session I was able to walk freely and was pain free, the result was that immediate. She also pre-treated me for my hay fever. Not being able to take normal hay fever tablets whilst on my IVF course I was dreading spring and summer. In Nov 2010 she worked with me on the hay fever and I have not had to take any over the counter medication for it since. I briefly stopped my treatment with Ariane when I fell pregnant with my IVF treatment in October 2011; though after sadly loosing that baby I returned to my treatment with Ariane in January 2012 where she re-aligned me. I only managed two more appointments with her before falling pregnant naturally, and I have no doubts that the acupuncture has been a key factor in getting my mind and my body so balanced that what the Doctors had said was impossible became possible. Acupuncture is now my recommendation for anyone who tells me they are suffering, no matter what with; and it is also my first choice. It has relieved my migraines; eased my stress; virtually stopped my hay fever and allowed me to become able to start a family.

Sharlene Britton

I suffer from a number of stress related health problems. Being an Osteopath myself and grew up in China, naturally I have high expectations from my Acupuncturists and have been searching for an authentic holistic acupuncturist for a very long time in the UK I was delighted when I found Ariane, the approach of her treatments is so different and organic, it’s like a breath of fresh air and had mesmerised me from the very first time. Extensively trained by some very well respected Chinese Acupuncture masters and equipped with years of patient experience, Ariane is one of the only few therapists that can really understand and treat my deep rooted problems, as Chinese proverbs say: she “brings back Spring to a harsh Winter land” every time I suffer from a break down. Having been looked after by Ariane for some years now, I feel much happier, healthier than ever and ready to face stressful busy daily life. I only need to be “recharged” now and then by her magical needles these days. Thank you Ariane!

Catherine Ling Qin – Osteopath

Having played Professional Cricket for over four decades, I have always strived for the extra edge. Passion for the game & elite standards in every day drove me to play for my Country against the Australians, New Zealand and in the 2007 World Cup in the West Indies. The last few years of my career I have been fortunate to have the help & passion of Ariane, she was awesome. Her knowledge combined with her determination to help and irradiate any ache or pain was wonderful. Having someone like Ariane who is totally committed to her industry puts your mind at ease as soon as you enter the door.

Paul Nixon

Complementing a career as a professional cricketer, seeing Ariane on a regular basis was just one of my behind the scenes energising and recovery strategies to help fully maximise my potential as an athlete and person in every day life. Ariane is unique in that, not only deeply passionate about her work, she also offers continually evolving techniques and a genuine understanding of how to help make acupuncture work for each and every one of her clients, if they are open minded enough to allow her to work her magic. Being able to get to the bottom of problems that massage and other treatments fail to, for this reason, I will return to keep seeing Ariane, as someone who has taken a real interest in my health and well being these last two years. Thank you for helping me end my career on a high!

Will Jefferson

I have been having acupuncture to help me for my endometriosis for a couple of years now and would highly recommend it as it has totally changed my life. Before starting acupuncture treatment with Ariane I spent my life being in constant (and sometimes quite horrendous) pain, feeling cold and very tired all the time. These were just some of the symptoms I was experiencing resulting in me missing a lot of work and having to plan important events around my ‘good days’. Now all of my days are ‘good days’ and that is thanks to acupuncture and most importantly Ariane. When I had my first consultation, Ariane immediately made me feel relaxed and put me at ease. The treatment itself is very relaxing and calming and quite frequently would result in me drifting off to sleep. I was anxious that having the needles put in would be painful but in fact it does not hurt at all. Initially I had regular sessions once a week and very quickly I noticed that my pain was getting less and less each month and the results were fantastic. Eventually I was having acupuncture twice a month with my symptoms completely aleviated. I cannot begin to explain what a HUGE difference this has made to my life, as I said earlier it has completely changed my life and it is wonderful to have felt that I could carry on my life as a ‘normal’ person and not as someone in constant pain. The most wonderful result of me having acupuncture is finding out after eight years of trying that I am pregnant! Especially after being told that due to my condition I would never be able to conceive naturally. I know that without having Acupuncture this would never have been possible and for that I will be eternally grateful to Ariane. I am not saying that Acupunture will change everyone’s life in this way but if you can gain some degree of relief from your symptoms (which you certainly will) then it will definately be worth it.

Tracy Brown

Ariane has a gift! My wife and I have consulted her on many occasions for everything from allergies to muscle pain and on every occasion she has delivered amazing results, sometimes where traditional medicine has failed. In addition to her abilities, Ariane has a calm and caring nature combined with a thorough and professional approach, we regularly recommend her to friends and family.

Steve & Deb Corby

After several failed cycles of IVF I read that acupuncture could help so I contacted Ariane. She was highly professional and put me at ease explaining everything very clearly. The sessions definitely made me feel more relaxed and after many previous failed IVF attempts I conceived following a new cycle complimented with acupuncture! I was so convinced by the treatment I visited Ariane again when I was trying for another baby and again the IVF worked first time! Could not recommend acupuncture enough.

Karen – Leicester

I came to Ariane to come off the anti-depressants I’d been on for 8 years and to help balance my general health. I’d been trying to come off the medication unsuccessfully for 3 years. Regular acupuncture treatments gradually helped me to reduce my dose whilst continuing to feel well. I have now been off anti-depressants for 2 years and feel very well in myself. My immune system has greatly improved – I rarely get bugs and infections any more. Ariane has also worked on my hormonal balance, helping to dramatically reduce my mood swings and PMT, as well as virtually eradicating my very painful period cramps.

Caireen Escott – Melton Mowbray

Around Christmastime 2007, I was transformed from a strong walker, runner and rock-climber into a person who, at times, found it difficult to walk up a flight of stairs. I felt physically and emotionally as if I was fading away. One afternoon, in early 2008, my rather worried partner arranged for a friend to drive her and me to an acupuncturist on St. John’s Road in Leicester, as I was too weak to drive there myself. On arrival I shuffled from the car, through the surgery door, and then made the effort to climb onto the acupuncturist’s couch. The acupuncturist’s presence immediately started the process of my getting better – Ariane Thompson had an air of authority about her, she knew exactly what to do to help me, and at the same time she glowed with concerned kindness. By the end of the session I was able to walk, properly walk, from the surgery back to the car. This was just the start – it took a few years in all, to get past what had attacked me. Thankfully, I turned out to be very sensitive to Chinese acupuncture. Ariane was convinced that I had been attacked by a virus at a time of deep emotional stress, and so that virus had been able to go very deep into me. But she knew what to do about it, and was able to inspire me to understand what I needed to do about it. It is 2012, I am forty-three, and I am rock-climbing and able to climb mountains with as much strength as I’ve ever had! I have no doubts that without Ariane and her abilities with Chinese acupuncture, this illness would’ve overtaken me … and I would’ve lost my life.

Mark Goodwin – October 2012

I first came to see Ariane in Leicester for acupuncture treatment for pain relief for a chronic low back problem. I’d been to see my GP, had physio and chiropractic – but nothing worked. Acupuncture made a huge difference. After a few sessions the pain lessened to such an extent that I was able to take up exercise again and as a pleasant result, lost quite a bit of weight! Sometime later I embarked on IVF which was sadly unsuccessful. I found out afterwards that acupuncture can improve success rates and wellbeing. I went back to Ariane for more treatment and did feel much better in myself for the second IVF cycle. I responded much better to IVF this time around and am now 6 months pregnant. I can’t recommend treatment with Ariane more highly; she is knowledgeable and professional and her clinic is a wonderfully relaxing space.

Sarah B – Leicester

I have suffered with asthma and rhinitis for over 30years. The last 2 years have seen my rhinitis become chronic to the point that I was referred to the ENT unit at Leicester Royal, because I have constant running nose, breathlessness and also swollen glands. I was prescribed numerous different medications but nothing had any effect. I had almost given up hope and thought that I would become a prisoner in my home. A friend told me that they had had there sinus problems cured by acupuncture, as I was at my wit’s end I came to see Ariane. After the 2nd session I noticed that I was not using my asthma pump and by the 6th session I was breathing through my nose and was able to work in the garden. I even pulled down the ceiling in my attic and was covered in dust (something that would have almost hospitalised me before). Ariane has changed my life. I feel healthy for the first time in years. I am continuing to have a session once a month just because they make me feel so well. I have since found out that the British Acupuncture Council is researching acupuncture and allergies. I have also sent them details of my experience with Ariane.

Cindy Elliott – Melton Mowbray

Migraines have been part of my life since I was 11 years old. Through the years since then I have had good care from the NHS, and have tried many medications which helped to a greater or lesser extent. At the end of 2013 when my migraines were occurring weekly, I decided I needed to change my treatment as it clearly wasn’t working for me anymore. Being a medical professional I undertook a literature review, looking at treatments for migraine and care across the Cochrane review. It suggested acupuncture. Medical training does not deal much with ‘alternative’ treatments, and so with little knowledge and healthy scepticism I telephoned you. I reasoned that if the treatment was ineffective it couldn’t cause any harm. 5 months later I have only had 1 migraine. No traditional treatment I have ever been on has been as successful. My family life has changed for the better as a consequence. I have no hesitation in recommending you to all my friends! Thank you.

Mhorag – April 2014

Hi Ariane,

Although this message is a long time coming it has allowed me to see the long term benefits of your treatment!
As you are aware when I first came to see you I had suffered long term chronic pain as a result of ‘unsuccessful’ back surgery 15 years ago leaving me with constant sciatica down both legs and buttocks and painful leg spasms especially at night. I was dependant on huge doses of morphine, gabapentin and other medication just to get me through the day. In addition I had a series of 2x yearly nerve blocks and annual epidurals which gave me some temporary relief from pain Insidiously over the years I had changed from the party animal and social queen with a busy work/family life into someone I no longer recognised.
One of the first amazing changes was after only a few weeks treatment I was able to sit down for the first time in 15 years and as the treatment continued I was able to reduce all medication and the leg spasms disappeared completely.

Having been off all medication for a few months, I cannot describe how fabulous I now feel. I get a good night’s sleep, the sciatica has completely disappeared from both legs and buttocks and my energy levels have increased. I have cancelled my forthcoming nerve block and no longer require the Pain Clinic
Honestly Ariane you have put ‘life’ back into living again and for that I am and will always be extremely grateful
Having tried Chinese acupuncture before for many months without success (in fact over the years I had tried most treatments!!) I came to you with an open mind, but the results from your treatment are way beyond anything I could have hoped for.
I can’t thank you enough for your skills, expertise and support

With kindest wishes

Fiona – December 2015

‘I completed a 5K inflatable run yesterday. I would never have
thought I could do something like this before having acupuncture. When I first came to you I was optimistic about having acupuncture,
despite having been in constant pain with fibromyalgia for 5 years –
but was still amazed to see how well it worked. I can’t thank you
enough for your help, knowledge and skill. I never thought I would be able to feel like the old me after living with chronic pain for such a
long time. Once again, thank you.’

Katy Marlow – April 2018

Ariane Thompson MBRCP Acupuncture in Leicester and Melton Mowbray