Fees & Treatment

£60 for first consultation of 1hr15
£42.50 for follow up of 50 minutes.
Usually, a minimum of 3 to 6 treatments is required.

Acupuncture Treatment

Your first consultation will include a detailed case history and an assessment of your pulse and tongue. In this way, a Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis is made and a treatment plan is devised, tailored to your needs. We will also discuss diet and lifestyle if necessary.

Points are then selected for you. These may vary in subsequent treatments, depending on factors like improvement of your symptoms or changes in your pulse and tongue.

Very fine, sterile, single use only needles are gently inserted into these points as you lie on a comfortable couch. Needles stay in typically for 20 to 30 minutes. Most people find this a very relaxing time for themselves. Sometimes pressure points and/or Moxa are used, which is a form of herbal heat therapy to reinforce the positive effect of the needling. Massage is sometimes used at the end of a treatment for some musculoskeletal conditions.

Most people report a feeling of deep relaxation during the treatment and a feeling of well being which can last for a while.

Is Acupuncture Safe?

Acupuncture is a safe and reliable therapy, however, patients must ensure that their practitioner has a licence to practise and is suitably qualified. Only sterile, disposable needles should be used and disposed of in a sharps box. Your acupuncturist should also be registered with the local city council.

In the UK, all acupuncturists should have either a Diploma, Degree or Licence of Acupuncture, enabling them to obtain Professional Indemnity Insurance.

There are a few registration bodies, which all have high standards of acceptance, code of ethics and conduct and require their members to carry out Continued Professional Development.

Acupuncture is aiming for State Registration in the near future.

Ariane Thompson MBRCP Acupuncture in Leicester and Melton Mowbray